While waiting for the weekend to start my NAS conversion build I have been spending some time reading up around FreeNAS conversion and came across a very intriging project called Ansible-NAS.

The first thing that caught my eye while going over the projects documentation was this bit from the Overview.

One example of the second variant you’ll see mentioned here is FreeNAS. It is based on FreeBSD, which like Linux belongs to the family of Unix-like operating systems. One strength of FreeBSD/FreeNAS is that it includes the powerful ZFS file system (OpenZFS, to be exact). However, it does not support the Docker containers the way Linux does. Also, the Linux ecosystem is larger. On the other hand, very few Linux distributions include ZFS out of the box because of licensing issues.

Ansible-NAS in its default form attempts to have the best of both worlds by using Docker on Linux with ZFS. This is possible because the Ubuntu Linux distribution supports both technologies. As the name says, Ansible-NAS uses Ansible server automation which is usually deployed on big multi-machine enterprise systems, not small home servers the size of a breadbox.

As I mentioned in the last post I have used FreeBSD some in the past, however I use Linux as my main OS. I am also a big fan of Docker and use for work and hobbies. I am going to do some more reading about Ansible-NAS but as of this writing I think I am going to give it a try over FreeNAS.

Until Next Time, Be Good To One Another Out There