I have been looking at getting a Synology device to replace my current homelab setup (Dell r710 w/ 2.9TB disk space) for the past few months. At the last WSeaLUG meeting I brought up a topic asking about the trustworthiness of the company behind Synology. Someone in the meeting mentioned FreeNAS which I had all but forgotten about.

So after doing some research on latest FreeNAS, and already having some familiarity with FreeBSD I decided I would go that route over Synology. Now what to do about the hardware for the NAS Server?

I decided to start with re-purposing what I could from an old PC (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/RccfGq) I had sitting around. The biggest change I needed to make was a case for the multiple drives, a motherboard (hopefully AMD supported), and the hard drives for the storage.

I started a new build on PCPartPicker based off of the above one, first removing the case and motherboard slots. While looking for the motherboard I came across ASRock X470D4U Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard and its 2x10GB LAN brother. I found a review of it which was positive and I really like AMD over Intel so I decided that was the motherboard for me. Now for the case I came across the Fractal Node 804 while looking at some FreeNAS reviews, this one in particular Building a DIY Home Server with FreeNAS and per PCPartPicker everything else will fit just fine and has plenty of room for the storage and fans to keep everything cool.

Now on to figuring out my storage capacity. After chatting to others in LUG I decided on 6x WD Red Plus 6TB NAS w/CMR. At the time of this post I have everything in but the hard drives. I am going to get started transferring everything to the new motherboard and case while I wait.

Here is the final parts list I am working with: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jn3M2V

Until Next Time, Be Good To One Another Out There!

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