For about a year now we have been mostly eating sandwhiches for lunch. I had been picking up a Como loaf from Grand Central Bakery here in Seattle, and my partner likes the Franz Milk & Honey bread. She kept telling me that I should try my hand at baking bread and already had How to Bake by Paul Hollywood. So having watched all of the The Great British Baking Show and loved it. I figured oh hell why not, let’s give it a go.

Homemade Bread

Today’s attempt, 5th overall with some awseome cherry chai spread I came across recently.

I am enjoying it so far, as you can tell from my 5th attempt at it. I have been making it on Sunday to have a fresh loaf for the week. I have been playing with times on kneading, rising and proofing trying to dial it in just right. I think this latest attempt is going to be great. I have been using a baking tin we already had but I think I am should look into a bread tin, maybe one with a the lid to make a perfect square.

I am excited to try another style once I am confident in the simple tin bread loaf I am doing now.

bread flour, salt, yeast, butter, and water

Until Next Time, Be Good To One Another Out There